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Ride for Freedom

Do you love to cycle?  Do you want to make a difference?   Come join us as we "Pedal for Papilio" along the Mediterranean coast of southern Spain and raise money to bring freedom to women that are enslaved in sex-trafficking.  We are currently planning the next trip for 2025.

This multi-day bicycling journey takes the group along the Mediterranean coast and the mountains of Malaga. It is a beautiful country for cycling.

Funds raised for this trip will go to support Papilio who works to free women in Spain that have been trafficked and are enslaved. We can make a difference, by "using what we love to do" (cycling) to "fight what we hate" (sex-trafficking).  

The trip will be customized based on the group interested in participating in the next event. Please complete the survey below to let us know that you might be interested and so we can keep you updated on the event.

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