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Ride for Freedom
April 11-27, 2025

Do you love cycling and want to make a tangible difference? Join us for an unforgettable journey along the stunning Mediterranean coast of southern Spain as we "Pedal for Papilio" in 2025.

Event Details

This multi-day bicycling adventure will take us through the picturesque landscapes of Malaga, combining the thrill of cycling with the opportunity to support a critical cause. We'll partner with the local Papilio team to raise awareness about the harsh realities of sex trafficking and contribute to freeing women enslaved in this trade.  In addition, we will experience the culture and food of Spain, with a day trip to Morocco.  The dates for the trip are April 17-27, 2025.   The cost is $3000 to cover all expenses and a minimum $1500 fund raising goal.   In addition, there are spots available for non-riders that may want to join.

Why Join Us?

By participating, you're not only pursuing your passion for cycling but also actively supporting Papilio's efforts to rescue and rehabilitate trafficked women in Spain. Every pedal stroke and every mile covered will help raise funds that directly contribute to this noble cause.

How You Can Help

Register now and spread the word to others who share a passion for cycling and a desire to combat sex trafficking. Together, we can use our love for cycling to fight against the injustice of modern-day slavery.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a difference. Secure your spot today and be a part of something meaningful. Visit [website link] to sign up and learn more about the trip.

Let's ride for freedom. Let's Pedal for Papilio.

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