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Relief - Rescue - Restoration

About Papilio

Papilio exists to bring comfort, humanitarian need, and love to the women on the streets in southern Spain with the hope of providing a means of rescue whenever possible. Team members head out to the streets, rain or shine, late in the evening to regularly build relationships with the women and even the club and brothel owners. On any given night they will interact with dozens of women working in the sex industry, providing offers of clothing, hot chocolate, and hygiene packs. They also bring hugs, comforting words and resources that most are not aware of or have been scared to accept.


Fundraising Events

Taste of Freedom
Sunday, November 3, 2024

Taste of Freedom is an annual gathering in the Seattle area that brings together supporters and those interested in learning more about the work of Papilio for an evening of celebration and awareness. 

Ride for Freedom
April 11-27, 2025

Ride for Freedom brings together cyclists who choose to “Pedal for Papilio” by raising funds from friends and family to sponsor their efforts and raise awareness during their self-funded cycling tour in Southern Spain. 

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